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Marsh Tompsett School of Dance: "The Faraway Tree" / "Elemental"

Marsh Tompsett School of Dance: "The Faraway Tree" / "Elemental"

Marsh Tompsett School of Dance proudly presents two contrasting performances featuring it's Junior and Senior students:-


Three children discover an intriguing tree in an enchanted wood, climb to the top and encounter a series of bizarre and magical lands. With "Moonface" and "Silky the Fairy" as their guides, they experience night that the they will never forget...

Will they ever be able to return to the place that they have come to love? Childhood imaginings and secret dreams come to life in this tale of adventure and friendship.


"Elemental" is an exploration of the concepts of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The four elements are represented in their purest differing forms as well as in the way that communities around the world respond to them. The haunting, ritualistic symbol of candlelight is contrasted against a celebratory tribal fire dance. The comfort of an ethereal moonlit beach is followed by an unnerving and powerful storm. Chemical elements combine to pollute the air we breathe but there is hope for mankind if we can use the skies to "fly together", and though we battle to conquer the natural earth, we are reminded that the perpetual growth of a luscious forest is far stronger than we can ever hope to be.                                                

Saturday 14 Jul 201813:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Saturday 14 Jul 201818:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Sunday 15 Jul 201813:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)