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Steinway Inauguration Concert (H)

Steinway Inauguration Concert

The inauguration of the new Steinway model D Concert Grand takes the place of the usual solo concert platform, which is preceded by the brief AGM of ASMS, Abingdon School Music Society, the parental group that supports the work of the music department by serving refreshments at concerts and raising funds for our many activities.

The story of the piano acquisition is an exciting one. It was purchased from London's South Bank Centre, where it had served the world's top pianists for some 14 years and chosen by none other than the great Mitsuko Uchida from the Steinway factory in Hamburg. The concert will be just 60 minutes duration and boys, music staff and the headmaster will be putting this amazing instrument through it's paces!

Admission is free - this is one not to be missed!

Wednesday 26 Sep 201818:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)