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Space Walking with an Astronaut

Space Walking with an Astronaut

Dr. Michael Foale CBE is a British/American astronaut, veteran of six space missions, and the only NASA astronaut to have flown extended missions aboard both the Russian Mir and International Space Stations. He was the first Briton to perform a space walk, and until 17 April 2008, he held the record for most time spent in space by a US citizen: 374 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes. He still holds the cumulative-time-in-space record for a UK citizen.

In 1997 Mike was on board Mir with two other cosmonauts when it was hit by a supply craft - the worst collision in the history of spaceflight. It sent the space station tumbling out of control and left the team without power and contact with Earth.

Come and hear the story of how events unfolded at this unique event and how Mike used his unique skills to save Mir from disaster.

Tuesday 30 Jan 201819:30 Book Now (Amey Theatre)