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Everest Lab with Greg Foot

Everest Lab with Greg Foot

What happens to your body when you push it somewhere it's not built to go - to the top of the world?

Joining YouTuber & Blue Peter Science Guy - Greg Foot - for the story of his scientific adventure to the world's highest pop-up lab at Everest base camp. With summit kit, interactive experiments and stunning videos Greg will uncover how a group of scientists and medics braved thin freezing air to perform cutting edge research that turns our ideas about medicine upside down.

Greg Foot has presented multiple BBC TV series, his YouTube videos have over 20 million hits, and he recently completed his first nationwide theatre tour.

Suitable for ages 11+.

In association with Abingdon ATOM Festival of Science and Technology, Science Oxford, The Ogden Trust and The Institute for Research in Schools.

Monday 10 Dec 201819:30 Book Now (Amey Theatre)