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Black River Bridge

Black River Bridge

December 19th, 1861. Johnny Clem is a musician in the Union army. He dreams of better things, having been down trodden and ignored his whole life. He bets his fellow musicians he will become a successful soldier one day. Orion Howe leaves home as a result of his father’s drunken beatings. He too joins the Union army by lying about his age and proves to be a brave and useful soldier. The battle of Black River Bridge turns out to be the most ‘human’ moment he has ever had.

Set in the American Civil War, this specially commissioned piece will be performed by our Lower School boys.

Thursday 30 Nov 201719:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Friday 1 Dec 201719:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)

B12 - A School Story

B12 - A School Story

Inspired by 2013's 'History of Abingdon in 63 Objects', B12 - A School Story weaves together imagined scenes of the school's past and present, viewed through the lens of a single classroom.

Performed by our Third Years, this play has been specially commissioned by OA Ed Rowett, author of Radio 4’s award-winning sitcom “Reluctant Persuaders”.

Please note: This performance may start a little later due to the previous show.

Thursday 30 Nov 201720:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Friday 1 Dec 201720:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)

A Matter of Life and Death (H)

A Matter of Life and Death

On the night of 2nd May, 1945, an English airman tells a woman he's never met he loves her before jumping from his burning aircraft to almost certain death. However, in the thick fog above the channel, the angel sent to collect pilot Peter Carter misses him, and Carter finds himself washed up on the shore, alive. But having issued an invoice, the other world must balance its books, so Peter has to take the heavenly authorities to the Universal Court of Appeal to argue for his life.

Inspired by Powell and Pressburger’s ground-breaking 1946 film, this wildly romantic tale was first performed at the National Theatre in 2007 in a breathtaking adaptation by the Kneehigh Theatre Company.

Wednesday 24 Jan 201819:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Thursday 25 Jan 201819:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)
Friday 26 Jan 201819:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)