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Horizon Lectures: Anna McNuff with Charlie Walker & Jen Roberts (H)

Horizon Lectures: Anna McNuff with Charlie Walker & Jen Roberts

Adventurer, Girlguiding ambassador and self-confessed “mischief-maker” Anna McNuff is joined by our grant winners Charlie Walker and Jen Roberts for the very first Horizon Lectures Adventure Fund Night.

Anna once represented Great Britain at rowing, but now spends her time darting around the world on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges. She has cycled 5,000 miles along the spine of the Andes, has a penchant for rollerblading and has even run the Jurassic Coast dressed as a dinosaur.  Anna is a fabulously entertaining speaker.  She joins us to share the story of her self-supported run covering the length of New Zealand – from the characters she met along the way to her very special “Pants of Perspective”.

Last year Charlie Walker and Jen Roberts picked up grants through the Horizon Lectures Adventure Fund and they’ll be returning to tell us what they got up to.  Charlie set off on a 5000 mile journey “Following The Line” between Europe and Asia which found him skiing, paddling and cycling from the freezing coast of northern Siberia to the Bosporus strait in Istanbul.   Meanwhile, Jen and the team behind Greenland Expedition 2017 headed off on a month long trip to complete first ascents and scientific research in the Stauning Alps region of Greenland.

With three great speakers to squeeze in, the format for this event will be a little different from usual.  We’ll begin at 7.30PM (doors 7PM) with two shorter 20-30 minute talks from Charlie and Jen, there’ll be a short interval, and then Anna will take to the stage for around 50-60 minutes.  There’ll be the chance for audience questions throughout the night and we should be wrapped up by around 10PM.

Tickets are available on the Horizon Lectures website.

Wednesday 6 Jun 201819:30 Book Now (Amey Theatre)

The Arts Society Golden Jubilee Lecture and Reception (H)

The Arts Society Golden Jubilee Lecture and Reception

The Arts Society is celebrating its Golden Jubilee with a lecture ‘Who Says? Can We Trust the Experts on Good and Bad Art?’ given by David Phillips. The lecture will be preceded by a Reception in the Jekyll Garden with drinks and canapés. A programme of music – from Baroque to Jazz – will be performed during the Reception by celebrated harpist Pervin Shahin. All are welcome.

Art critics and experts are often hilariously lampooned. David Phillips considers the bafflingly mysterious Polish Rider in the Frick Collection, New York, and the scrupulous scholarship involved over decades to settle just which paintings are genuine Rembrandts. World Leonardo authority, Martin Kemp, is utterly convinced he has discovered a new work by the master (but many specialists beg to differ) and a blazing dispute is underway (with millions of dollars at stake) about what is authentic, and what is not, in the work of  Andy Warhol. Sometimes experts may not have been acting in good faith – or are just plain bent.  Finally, Phillips asks, who is to say that Picasso is a greater artist than Edward Seago?

18.30 – 19.30 - Reception in the Jekyll Garden

19.30 – 20.30 - Lecture in the Amey Theatre

Tickets are £12.50 available from

Wednesday 18 Jul 201818:30 Book Now (Amey Theatre)

1918: The Bloody Road to Victory

1918: The Bloody Road to Victory

The story of the apocalyptic final year of the Great War, as the British and German armies are tested like never before. A lecture by BBC historical advisor Gareth Howell, accompanied by a comprehensive ordnance display by collector Rick Stevens.

No age restriction, but recommended for ages 10+.

Friday 9 Nov 201819:00 Book Now (Amey Theatre)